Know all about the Frozen shoulder physiotherapy

Injuries can be very scary sometimes especially when it decreases your mobility. No matter where the pain is it will always bother you until it is treated. Some are easily curable and some aren’t  frozen shoulder physiotherapy singapore can turn out to be much easier if it is with Rapid physio care.

Reasons for Frozen shoulder

  • Stress -stress can be one of the reasons for frozen shoulders as increased levels of stress or anxiety also are a source of inflammation. We are aware that tension gathers in our shoulders and causes tightness.
  • Age- age can be yet another reason for frozen shoulders because as you grow old you tend to have poor joints and ligaments.

The best way to get rid of the problem is physiotherapy.

Where to find the treatment?

frozen shoulder physiotherapy singapore

Rapid physio care offers the best therapists for physiotherapy that not only limits to frozen shoulder but treats many more problems. Maybe this problem is quite uncommon but its impact can be very dangerous if it isn’t treated at the right time.  This problem is often misunderstood as a problem caused due to weather changes or internal muscle damage.

It is possible though to have pain in the shoulder due to rapid weather change, not all bodies adapt that quickly.

But the condition of frozen shoulders is never in the muscles the pain is always in the bone, especially in the joint of the shoulder, which enables the mobility of the bones. Frozen shoulder typically has 3 stages:

  1. Freezing- This is the stage when you start realizing that there is some stiffness in your shoulder. It decreases your mobility and starts to pain often.
  1. Froze- Your day-to-day activities become difficult to perform but still in this stage the pain is bearable.
  2. Thawing- This is the recovery time where you already took therapy from Rapid physio care and at this stage, you are experiencing relief in your shoulders.

It would be beneficial for you if you detect the problem at the beginning itself. Timely treatment is everything before the injuries get worse.

People in the age group of the 40s and 50s face such issues. It would be better if you see a physiotherapist. Rapid physio care will help you to deal with such issues. You can easily book an appointment from their website. The website will give you a brief idea about their work.

By Diego