8 constitutional medicine

These days the eight constitutional medicine has become a very popular formula in accordance with different healing techniques like natural healing techniques and acupuncture techniques. This is quite similar to the techniques of spiritual healing. This involves the coordination of 12 different organs of the body. These are- kidney, large intestine, small intestine, the gall bladder, lung, liver, pancreas, sympathetic nervous system, parasympathetic nervous system, stomach, and bladder. These form the balanced basis of the eight constitutional healing techniques. These have been proven to work and provide results for several deadly diseases over the course of time.

8 constitutional medicine

What are the eight constitutional medicines?

 The eight constitutional medicine involves the dynamics of the different organs in a certain order. Here are the names of the eight medicines that exist at the moment.

  • Hepatonia where the liver is the main focus followed by kidney, heart, pancreas, and lungs.
  • The next is cholecytonia where the main focus is gall bladder followed by the small intestine and a few other organs.
  • The third one in the list is pancreotonia where you can understand from the name it is mainly focussed on pancreas followed by heart, liver, lung, and kidney.
  • The fourth one in the list is Gastrotonia where the organ of interest is stomach followed by the intestines and gall bladder.
  • The next one is pulmotonia which focuses on the lungs and then on the pancreas, heart, kidney, and liver.
  • The sixth member of the constitutional medicine family is colonotonia where the main organ of focus is the large intestine.
  • Renotonia is another great technique which focusses on the kidney and followed by organs like lung, liver, heart, and pancreas.
  • The last one of these eight medicines is vesicotonia where the organ of focus is the 2 bladders.

Thus, if you have not heard of these treatments before then make sure you go through any reputed sites that offer knowledge on these types of treatments to know how they can help you to heal your body.

Healing your body from within without involving any toxic drugs

The advantage of this technique is that it heals your body without the involvement of other harmful pharmaceuticals products and other toxic drugs that doctors are forced to prescribe when many things do not work out. Here your body tries to heal itself through the use of other natural methods that help to strengthen your organs and heal from within.

These treatments have become very popular along with other holistic approaches towards healing. They are great ways of healing deadly diseases like cancer as well by following a correct approach and if done via the help of correct sources.

By Diego